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Creating Tailored Dog House/Condos for Your Home

Transform your home’s underutilized space into a cozy and stylish retreat for your furry companion.

About Us

We specialize in designing and building dog homes/condos that fit seamlessly into the available space, whether it’s under the staircase, in a cozy nook, or any other area that can be transformed into a haven for your furry companion.

Serving Westchester County, New York, and Connecticut, our team is dedicated to bringing exceptional craftsmanship and personalized dog house solutions to pet owners in these areas. We understand the importance of creating a comfortable and stylish environment for your beloved dogs while maximizing your living space.


HomyPaws is committed to providing customized dog houses/condos that prioritize the comfort and well-being of canine residents.


To revolutionize the way dogs live within their owners' homes, setting a new standard of luxury and design. We aim to be recognized as the leading provider of personalized dog houses/condos, enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners through innovation, quality, and exceptional customer service.

Our Team in Action

Our Core Values

Care & Compassion

We show genuine care and compassion for dogs and their well-being. Our firm commitment is to create a nurturing and positive environment for them.


We believe in always finding better ways to create amazing dog houses. We stay updated on the latest design trends and use new techniques to bring unique & comfy spaces for your furry friends.


We offer personalized solutions and tailor-made dog house designs to cater to the specific needs and preferences of individual dogs and their owners.

8 Reasons why You need Dog House/Condo

Space Optimization

Utilizing the space under the stairs for a dog house allows for efficient use of available space in the home. It can be particularly beneficial in smaller living spaces where every inch counts.

Integration with Home Design

A custom dog house built under the stairs can blend seamlessly with the overall aesthetics of the home. It can be designed to match the existing decor, creating a more cohesive and visually pleasing environment.

Reduced Separation Anxiety

Dogs are social animals and often experience separation anxiety when confined to cages or crates. A dog house under the stairs, being a more open and accessible space, can help alleviate separation anxiety by providing a sense of security and allowing the dog to still feel connected to the household.

Enhanced Home Organization

Building a dog condo under the stairs can contribute to better home organization. By providing a designated space for your dog, it helps keep their belongings, such as toys, bedding, and food, neatly contained in one area, reducing clutter in other parts of your home.

Personalized and Customizable

A custom dog house offers the flexibility to tailor the design and features to meet the specific needs of the dog and its owner. It allows for customization such as adding storage space for pet supplies, incorporating feeding areas, or integrating play elements.

Easy Access and Monitoring

Having a dog house under the stairs allows for convenient access and monitoring of your pet's well-being without the need to go outside or into a separate area.

Enhanced Safety and Security

A well-designed custom dog house can provide a secure and protected space for the dog. It can have features like secure doors or gates to prevent the dog from accessing certain areas of the house or to keep them safe when unsupervised.

Pet-Friendly Home Integration:

By having a dog house, the dog becomes an integrated part of the home environment rather than being isolated in a separate cage or crate. It allows the dog to have its own designated space while still being present within the family setting

Our Process

Experience a smooth and hassle-free journey from your initial contact to the exciting moment of handover, as we create a personalized and comfortable home for your beloved dog

01. Book a Free Consultation

Contact us and book a free consultation via the contact form or using the contact details provided on the website to discuss your needs and preferences.

02. Design & Proposal

Our team member will visit your location to assess the space and your requirements. Then we'll create a tailored design proposal that includes materials, features, and pricing options, ensuring it aligns with your vision and budget.

03. Agreement & Construction

Once you are satisfied with the design proposal, we'll finalize the agreement and our skilled craftsmen will begin the construction process.

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